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3D printed Epis?


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That's a good article spacealf. I especially like the first comment beneath it "I’m going to buy a 3D printer, print more 3D printers, sell them and become the richest man ever in the history of 3D printing. Not that I would need the money, as I would be fine in my printed house, with my printed wife and family, eating printed food. And just to be a greedy ******, I’ll also copyright the idea so no one else can do it." Actually that's not too far fetched. I mean they're working on 3D printed body parts (like livers & such) made with meat fibers & layered stem cells. Seems like a vintage Broadway Elitist would be a simple matter. Maybe the only way I'll ever get one. Well I can dream. Wow, this site just edited the word "******" out of my post. I didn't know that was a forbidden word. How bout ***? I mean Jeez it's just a bag full of water & vinegar or tea I guess. Strange. I've never knowingly broken any forum rules before. I'll have to start typing in pig-latin. Unless of course that would be offensive.

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For $3000 worth of plastic they just do not sound that good to me.


Perhaps it is the character of a wood sound that is missing.





And anyway I can buy a heck of a guitar (when I saw the price on them that first year) for $3500 or more for a plastic guitar.


Just don't seem right to me (the sound, the looks, etc.)




And to me wood looks better than holes of plastic.


I suppose some people will want them though, turning wheels and all!

Not for me!

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