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Sinkhole at the Corvette Museum


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Heard a report from former CBS reporter Linda Moulton Howe they are seeing changes in the Earth's crust. Basically, they are seeing an increase in the liquifying of it. Not in that it turns into a liquid, but in the same way fine granules of sand flow like a liquid. This means an increase in sinkholes.


I'll see if I can find the link so you all don't think I am crazier than you already think I am.

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I read that the white one was (is?) the 1,000,000 Corvette produced.

Yep, and I also heard that the average '92 Corvette would be valued at about $15K, but there IS only ONE 1,000,000th Corvette, and it is valued at just over $1M.


I recall a couple of years ago that Corvette chassis #3 (a 1953 model) was auctioned off at Barret Jackson. They knew that chassis #'s 1&2 had been destroyed, so this was in a sense the "oldest living Corvette". It sold for something like $1.5M. Not bad for a car that sold new for less than $3K or so, with something like a 2 speed tranny and less than 100hp as I recall.


I'll keep my Z06 thank you LOL


And GM has said that they WILL restore each of these cars since they don't appear to be that damaged (so I've heard).

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