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What's this Epi Please?

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Those pickups are either Gretsch FilterTrons or TV Jones Classics --- or else someone has used a FilterTron housing for some other pickup. TV Jones Classics are modern pickups made to the specs of Gretsch FilterTrons from the late 50's and early 60's, and sound very similar, but with what many players describe as a brighter and crisper high end and better definition. Both are low-output humbucking pickups that are distinctly different sounding from Gibson/Epiphone humbuckers. FilterTrons, having a lower output, will not push an amp into overdrive as readily, and retain their clean sparkle. However, they also break up really nicely at higher volumes. Pete Townshend used a FilterTron-equipped Gretsch 6120 for all of the electric guitar tracks on "Who's Next," and a similar model is Brian Setzer's favorite guitar, both with the Stray Cats and in his solo work. George Harrison's solo on "Can't Buy Me Love" was played on a Gretsch Country Gentleman with Filters, and both Steve Stills and Neil Young used FilterTron Gretsches on much of their work with Buffalo Springfield and with CSNY.


Hope that gives you some useful references for the pickups on that ES-295!

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