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Nuisance 'Pinging' Noise on my J45

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I put the j45 in the case a while back hoping the problem was weather or mojo related, but no...


Whenever I play the G on the first string, I get a ping noise from the headstock end. It stops if I hold my hand across the strings behind the nut and I got the better half to do this for me to check. weird. nuisance....


It is not from the bridge end - I can dampen that with my right hand anyway. This one I can't....


It happened on my metal Dobro years ago, and it was the end of the string coming out of the tuning peg and resting on the string going to the neck. Boiiiinnng it went or Piiiinnnng.


I checked the J45 (2010 Standard) for any of these cross string things, but can't see anything.



Any clues?


It is a real pain once you notice the ringing sound.




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I have tapped the back of the headstock like suggested and it doesn't make that noise.


I have playing it for half an hour or so since, and if I don't play that note, the guitar is wonderful....and that is harder than you think.


What I just found is that the Ping is coming from the 4th string between the nut and the tuning peg. So I play the G note, 3rd fret 1st string and it pings, then I put my finger on the 4th string between the nut and peg and the pinging sound stops dead.




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You're missing a great opportunity to learn Abba songs. That pic just made me miss my J.



A good friend and a heck of a talented jazz player actually toured with ABBA once. We had no mercy on him. Yeah, what a fool he was, choosing of his own free will to make some decent money and tour Europe.

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