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Just feel like Birding on


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I am going with late 90's. Pickguard looks to be a custom or repro w/curious placement (all the way to the sound hole). Of course 'birds are usually snugged up pretty good, as we know. The bridge fits in with 90's, the relationship i.e. distance from 'guard to bridge looks to be short scale-90's, color is not as yellow in the center of the burst-90's. It has the HUMMINGBIRD moniker on the tr cover and tulip tuners-90's.

I have seen him play other vintage examples but this one doesn't check out vintage to my eyes (by this image).

Curious your findings Em7?

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Some say this singer has a whole aviary of Birds - I'm not an expert and have only seen him with 3 or 4 within the last 20 years.


A girlfriend sent me this one knowing the theme is of certain interest - or told me about it.


I'd say it's a 1965 maybe 67.


The thick rounded guard looks genuinely vintage, so does the rest, , , and my trained eye tells the nut-width is 9/16.


No matter what, Mick should take some time out and sit himself down to tells us about his life with Birds.


It's a request - Let's hear what the square wildlifers did and told you all those years, Mr. Jagger.












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