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EB-0 vs EB-3

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Hi all,


I'm learning guitar with Rockmsith 2014.

(I'm really a noob)


There's a category in Rocksmith where I can learn bass.

So, I'm looking forward buying a bass. (not this month, tough... I've already bought a G400 pro lately)


Since I love the SG design, I'm thinking of an EB-0 or EB-3 one.

I suppose that the EB-3 is much better than the EB-0, but it also costs the double.

(Here, an EB-0 costs 150€, and an EB-3 250€)


So, I would like to know if the EB-3 was really much better than the EB-0 - I don't want to change the electronic or anything -

or if the EB-0 was really that a bargain.


By advance, thank you.

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I have an 8 track digital recording set up and I was looking for a short scale bass to add to some tunes.

(my wife only gives me a limited number of square feet for my stuff)

I bought an EB-O and I plug it directly to the recorder. works great. I donj't even own an amp so I don't know whether this is much help to you or not. Good Luck


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I have an EB3...it's long scale, and has 2 pickups...more versatile, more sound combinations, but I also have a short scale Hoffner copy that has its own distinctive sound and feel...if you can play both, try hem and see what you think.

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My new EB-0. :)



I have an EB-0 that cost me $140. I like the short scale especially sitting around the piano as it doesn't take up as much room and I find it more comfortable to play than my long scale bass.



The EB-3 also is set neck with trapezoid inlays as opposed to bolt-on with dot inlays like the EB-0 but I am not too concerned about that and I think it is a great bass for the money.



I swapped out the reflector knobs, coloured in the white stripe on the pickguard and the 'E' on the TRC, painted the P/G screws heads black and added some inlay stickers to the fretboard.






Enjoy your new instrument.

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