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Grover Imperials


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I don't think so, on ES-thin line models, at least I've never seen them,

on those models. Not sure about the Jazz boxes, though. Some of those,

had Grover, some had Kluson, and other's had Waverly's. So...??? [tongue]


I have seen some Gibson's with Rotomatic's, with "Imperial" (stair step) buttons.

But, I don't know if they came that way "stock," or if the owners changed them?


Someone else, on the forum probably has more information...




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Thanks Charlie, What I did find out after posting this post this morning was Gibson did install some Imperials on some arch tops, so they did have them on hand if some one wanted to special order them on a 335 345 or 355.

Actually it is not my guitar that is in question. It is a mid 70s ES 335TD

I like the Imperial look for the 355, and have thought about using them on my 355.


thank again

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Wow, they look really good on that Epi headstock!


Back to the original question... I have seen photos of vintage Gibson archtops with Imperials, but very few. As far as I know it was never "standard equipment". As for a mid-70's 335 being outfitted at the factory with Imperials, not a chance. This is the era in which Gibson (Norlin) was dumbing down and cheapening EVERYTHING. A mid-70's 335 would have come with double-ring Kluson's.


OK, now another sidebar.....My 1990 L-5CES came with some sort of odd-ball "no-screw" (maybe) Grovers. I replaced the gold keystones with Imperial buttons. I had to re-machine the inside of the Imperial buttons to make them fit, but it was well worth the effort.



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IIRC, they were optional from the factory on special order. Around 1976, I bought a '68 Les Paul Custom with not Imperials but Kluson waffle back tuners on it also an option.


I love all Grovers ever since I first used them - they are very smooth and precise.

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