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[ Sticky ] How to post photos

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Sorry if I sounds cheeky, but this is precisely why 3rd party hosting doesn't work: just check this thread's first post, all the photos are gone. The 500 kb media upload allowance on this forum is as good as no allowance at all. A 500 kb limit per post would be an improvement, and yet still inadequate. Please can we get more?

I'm not sure where you are going wrong but it's only Photobucket which doesn't work after they decided to pull the freebie service. The pics showing how to upload images are missing because 99.99% of folks used Photobucket and so the post showed how to use Photobucket. Once Photobucket pulled the plug not only did the pics vanish; it made the whole point of the thread as originally started redundant.


Other sites' 3rd party hosting still work (I now use Postimage) as demonstrated here;




Also I'm not sure what the problem is with posting 'only' 500kb-sized images - nor where the 500kb per post limit is mentioned - but these two images are well under 500kb each and are big enough for most purposes.




Furthermore, between them, they measure in the region of 700kb so 500kb is definitely not the limit per post.


Lastly; this image - which is too large to be seen on my screen in toto - measures nearly 800kb on its own and brings the post total to 1,500 kb yet the post still manages to show all three images.




Where did you read you are only allowed a maximum of 500kb per post? Clearly this is not the case.


Have you, yourself, tried uploading an image and found you had a problem? If so could you be specific as to the size of the image which was disallowed and the nature of the issue you had? Photobucket apart there is no reason not to use image-host-sites as an upload platform.



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Thar she blows! Think I got it.


Selected and copied the box BBcode (message boards and forums). Duh.

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To use Postimage.org for photo hosting, here's what you do. After you upload the image, copy the "Hotlink for forums" and paste it directly into the text of your post. The "insert image" button on this forum is useless.

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