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steinbergerbtuners-go out of tune often?

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Anyone else have a guitar with Steinberger tuners on it ? Do it hold in tune well or slip out often? I have a 2013 Gibson firebird. It has the Steinberger tuners and the strings it came with when I got it new seemed to hold in tune fairly well but I changed the strings ,a while back already now and they seem to be going out of tune often. As far as I can tell I did everything just as I am supposed to when I put the new strings on and it just seems to not hold tune long at all. I put Ernie ball 10's on it. Anyone else have this guitar or tuners like this and how are they for you?

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Mine are doing fine (same model Firebird). You have to exert a good bit of pressure on the tuner knobs (especially the first string) to get them to lock properly. They don't recommend using any tools but folks elsewhere don't agree.


It seemed like if I was to tighten any more I was afraid I'd snap it off.


Its got to be something though because it seemed to hold tune better with the original strings before I put new ones on. I really thought I did a good job putting them on but somethings not working well




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I have the same guitar, .011 strings and no probs at all, stays in tune perfectly. However I really tightend the tuners until my fingers hurt badly, then wrapped a cloth around the tuners and tightened them even further. This sure isn't for ladies, kids or arthritis patients.


I could beef on it little more but I get nervous if I do that I will all of a sudden hear a snap and find out I just broke one. How much cranking can those things really take. I would think you aren't suppose to have to crank on them that much,they would probably break .

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We had a 2014 at the store that kept going out of tune and we sent it back to Gibson. Three Firebirds later I got one for myself and its doing fine. Not sure whats up but I have heard of a very few of them not holding tune... I use 9-42's on mine and it's doing fine.


Mine is a 2014, I am not sure if anything changed from the earlier models.



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