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Bob Casale Dead -- Devo Guitarist Dies at 61


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RIP, Spudboy.


Saw them right after their first appearance on SNL at Wingate College (Jesse Helms graduated from there) in '78, I believe. Don't remember who opened for them (they were not the headliner), but after the opening band finished, the auditorium all but emptied. They threw wads of dollar bills out into the audience, and they were clearly pissed, but they put on a great show for the hundred or so who stayed.

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Back in the mid to late '90s I remember Gerald Casale telling me that his borther had health problems way back then. It was interesting to see the band at Lalapalooza because all of the metal heads and thrashers who were on the bill with them would all gather stage left or right and watch the band perform. It was something seeing the guys from Metalica just off stage rocking out to Devo. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, because I met Gerald and Mark Mothersbaugh and interviewed them both.

61 is too young.


This is by far my most favorite Devo song.


This is the actual concert footage from the Irvine Meadows show I was at.




I'm not sure when this was filmed, but it's freaking crazy!



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