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First: Exellent Version 5 - good job [thumbup] close to perfect: Thanks


but even better:


1) in "playlist" mode, if you ask "search", the results are mixed ... those of the playlist and others. Should first display the results belonging to the current playlist ... followed by the rest.


2) it would be interesting to have a sync method "assisted" - for dummies - if engaged before: when you press play, if it is not exactly synchronized, he expects to be on drums drums to start ... the first drum always good whith the other!


3) In "playlist" for visibility do not add "scs4dj" stick to the folder name.








4)Load Confirm – On/Off

It's a good security option - but it wouldn't ask if you want to load a track on B if your crossfader is the A (maximum); it's normal that you load a track in the B channel ?




I think it's good improvings/Is this possible in the next Update? Does stanton read this forum and prepare a next update? :-({|=

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You can create playlists from popular music players such as winamp, AIMP

But I have differents playlists...

But don't you think it'll be easier? =D> :


for example / I'm in "playlist mode" , playing the "pop80" playlist (350tracks),

If I staying in that pop80 playlist, it's because i want to play a next one "pop80" song!. (i'm not in the global browse!)

Then i want to play a "Michael Jackson" (pop80 song); i use the "search" in playlist mode and the result show me 30 track of michael not sorting (there are slows, disco, & pop...)


It'll be easier if the search results show me / first the song of my pop80 playlist (in wich i'm) / a space / the other one of michael. (in virtual dj, it's ok)


in fact it'would have 2 differents "search";

one in browse mode showing global results -sort-by artist,title,... /

one in playlist mode showing first the playlist results.


Don't you think? [rolleyes]

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