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I think this actually is a pretty cool amp. I'm not sure how good it would be for gigging or jamming or how well it takes pedals. But it seems like a fun little amp to play around with and I like the retro/future looks.


I could have posted a shorter video, but I know a lot of folks here like these two British blokes. B)


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[unsure] I'd be a lot more tempted, if it was a real "hand wired" Fender,

with old school "Tweed" tones. Do we really need more "cheap"

amps? Contrary to the demo statements, I did't feel like it sounded

all that great. Maybe, when they plugged the pedals in, it sounded

better. But, on it's own, it was (to me) pretty "tinny, and harsh!"

Especially, for having 2X10's! And, was too noisy, as well. [tongue]


That's just My opinion, though. :rolleyes:



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