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BB King - The Life of Riley


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wish i could have caught that........

but in Alabama, BBC is the Beer, Bass fishin', & Cousin chasin' channel.....

Can you not get the BBC iPlayer? If you can download and use it, you will be able to watch the program the day after it's broadcast.




ps, here are uTube instructions on how to use the BBC's iPlayer legitimately in the US:



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I just watched this. A bit elegiac at the end but he is pushing 90 now.

Slick, star-studded and very good indeed, well worth your attention ladies and gentlemen.

So good I will watch it again.

You know the bit where you see him playing with Slash and Ronnie wood... I was at that gig :D (about 4 rows back [thumbup] )


I took this footage (even though its a bit shaky cos I was so excited (and my arm was getting tired at that point ;))

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