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For Christmast I got my wife tickets to go to a concert. Last night was the show: Dweezil do the Roxy Turns 40 tour last night in beautiful York, PA and were they ever great!


Dweezil has really come into his own on the guitar, Scheila Gonzalez did the best sax solo I've ever seen and the band was just really tight and so much fun to watch. I used to see the Mothers every time they'd play NYC from 1975 until the last tour and Frank would be very proud.


They had a meet and greet after the show and they were very gracious and accommodating; nice people.

If you get a chance, you should catch them, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

My wife was never a Zappa fan before but she is now.







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I caught him a few years back at the Zappa Bust dedication ceremony in Baltimore, MD and he was okay but he has improved tremendously since. He's got that weird FZ thing where every so often you have to look twice to make sure he doesn't really have six fingers on one hand like they did with the old Claymation sequences.


What was nice about last night's show is that it wasn't strict renditions of the old tunes, there was lots of improvisation. Florentine Pogen was especially good in that regard.


If he comes to your area, pick up some tickets and get ready to have a good time, it really shows that the band members like one another.




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I saw Dweezil to.


I saw Frank twice so I wasn't expecting much from Dweezil but as Steve said, he's doing his dad proud.


Alot of work goes into learning those tunes and to still be able to here them reproduced properly live is



I to will go see him any chance I get.


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It seems like he's putting a lot more of himself into the music, too.


It's not just a note for note thing like it was at the Frank Zappa Day in Baltimore which I was afraid it might be. Instead he's mixing Frank's stuff with his own ideas so that makes it really unique. I don't know if this is recent or if the FZ Day was just a special tribute? I'd never seen him before so can't say.


Time to practice the guitar but I'll never play a Gibson like the Zappa family does no matter which model or year I own!

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What I saw was pretty much note for note. Not a bad thing for my dollar.

If I'm gonna hear Black Napkins I don't wanna hear an interpretation of it.



He did add some of his own improv into some of the solo's.

But the arrangements were all note for note.

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