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Georgia on my mind - martin om18v


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Gday all.

I was trying to write a song for a while.Opening chord sequence was G B7 Em C. I knew my melody sounded like something else but wasn't quite sure what. Then I heard a version of this. Realised I was a bit too close melody wise.So gave up on mine and learnt this...in a fashion.F A7 Dm...different key ..same progression

Used the Martin OM-18v after BK777's recent lovely efforts on his one renewed my interest.

Sorry haven't commented much lately.Work and home renovations meant not much forum reading.But made some guitar time today.



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FB. Your BEST I have ever heard. Your voice matches Ray perfectly, and the playing in this tune. It's funny - I played a used 12 year old OM-21 today at Russo's that played friggin great, and was $1200 (cheap in my opinion). I was a good bye and didnt give in. Seeing this I wish I did!


Now make my week and watch Bromberg's version of Drown In My Own Tears (where he is backed up by his wife and Angel Band). You would kick arse.


You have missed little on the forum. Some discussions of the new J's, some bridgeplate drama, and some bickering. Just Another Tricky Day.

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Very nice. I'm gonna work on that but my singing will not be featured!


Sal, that is a good price for that OM 21. I'm "out of GAS" for the moment but if a D21 came up, I'd be temped. Especially a Brazillian one. And no, I wouldn't expect one of those to go foe $1200.

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Well, woke up, got the coffee, check the news, check the Gibson Forum, going to have a practice of some John Miller lessons with the same guitar he uses - my om18v......


Reeeeeeeek....bang...oooi! (Car skidding to a stop noises, back-up).


Someone's pinched me new axe, calm down, calm down, it's FB back from renovating with his om18v! Phew.



And nicely done too. Georgia. On. My. Mind!


Really well done, FB, and if you could grow a pointy little beard, you could become the Darling of Darling Harbour or more importantly......The MAN of Manly.




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Sal you're a generous fellow.Thank you.Will check out the DB.He's always good value.


Rich .Not a hard arrangement. Only non bog ordinary chords are Gm7 played 3X333x and F#dim7 xx1212.


Bk...haha...too lazy to gig in those places...I'll just stay in my suburb and be "The Roue of Ramsgate"...pointy beard sounds good though


Rambler thank you sir.I remember you expressing an interest in this model Martin previously.


Dan thanks for saying g'day in your always kindly way.

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