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Joe Bonamassa, Dusty Hill, Derek Trucks and Billy Gibbons - Going Down


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Battle of the solos :)



also saw this link in the suggested vids... Kinda cool..




personally I like the Trucks solo the best, Dusty hill is just humble genius but I'm just not a big fan of Bona..I mean he has skill no doubt but I don't know what it is but I'm just not a fan.....

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Wow. Derek Trucks - holy moly that was just plain fabulous. He just now joined the ranks of Sonny Landreth and Johnny Winter in my mind.

Billy Gibbons - has soul dripping out when he plays a solo. Always has. He had the most presence and stood out the most to my ears. Does he really use 0.8s?

Joe B. Technically amazing. Part of the "as many notes as I can fit in" club for my taste.

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Thanks for posting that clip, Rabs; I hadn't seen it before and watching a Masterclass is always worthwhile!



Billy Gibbons has soul dripping out when he plays a solo.........Does he really use 0.008s?....

Not really......................well, only on his slide guitars, Two Ells.

On his regular guitars he uses 0.007s...............[scared]


And +1 on Derek Trucks' slide work.

Thanks to Farns ([thumbup]) I (along with Rabs!) saw the combined might of the 'Tedeschi-Trucks Band' at the Royal Albert Hall last autumn and all evening Trucks' playing was just sublime.


FWIW my favourite 'tone' was Bonamassa's stuff right at the start of the clip. Very Freddy King - as was, no doubt, the intent.

He was even playing a Cherry-red embossed p'up 355. Just, in fact, Like the one Freddy played!


Without wishing to go too far off-topic....

Here's the very first time I ever saw Freddy King play through the auspices of the late lamented OGWT on the Electric fish-tank.

Not his best performance perhaps but hey?....



And one further thought;

If EC hadn't heard Mr. King's 'Let's Hide Away and Dance Away' album with FK and his Les Paul on the cover would the carved-top LP ever have re-appeared?



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