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1939 Gibson V-25


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I'd love to have an upright bass too! I don't play violin yet but I thought it was gorgeous and my love of all things Gibson made me have to have it. From my research they were each given a unique serial no. I know of V25-39-4 that the V25 is the model and 39 is the year (first production year) but does that 4 mean I got the 4th one made? At first I thought it was maybe the 4th run but I found a picture of a part of the shipping ledger of the first run from 2/7/39 and it has a couple violins in the small part shown and one is V25-39-2. Which made me think I have the 4th one of that model made. I'm not sure what that's do to value if it is true (not that I care), but I thought that was neat.

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