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First Epiphone, first guitar and first post


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Hey everybody. I dug my girlfriends guitar out of the closet and decided to start playing. It's been a lot of fun! As can be expected, I have a few questions. I have been trying to figure out what kind of Epiphone this is. I've attached a picture of the guitar and the only number I've located on it so far. Any imput would be greatly appreciated :0)

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Thank you for the information!


I'm in the process of installing a new input jack. I removed the four screws to the plate to gain access and view the connection for the jack. I did some reading concerning this, because I found only one wire soldered to the jack. The information I've read states that the single wire should have a braided shield that's soldered to the ground lug of the jack. I do not see a braided shield. What I see is a single wire and then a wire jumped to the other lug. I can't imagine that the ground and hot share the same wire?


The picture I took is blurry. I apologize for that and I will post a clearer picture when I get home.

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