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Fender Strings on an Epi?

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I recently thought I'd try a set of Fender pure nickel strings that I found for a good price, but when I went to put them on Ruby, the strings were very short on the bass side (Not even making it around the post). Unbelievably, they are staying on and sound very good, but I am not sure I want to continue using strings that I will worry might slip off at the most inopportune time.


Is it normal for Fender strings to be this short?


I've been a professional bass player for over 35 years and guitar is a rather new undertaking. With bass strings, I have never bought a set that would not fit pretty much any bass, so it seems wierd to me that Fender would intentionally make strings that will not fit a lot of guitars.

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Hope all is well.

Just checked a set of Fender Original Bullets. The D string is 37" from bullet to where the wind ends.


My Epi LP is less than 33" from back of bridge to D tuner.


Hope this helps,



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