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specific guitars, who do you think of


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I read a post on a different forum that was kind of cool

Who is the first person you think of when a specific guitar is mentioned.

It is difficult to name one person for a guitar, but the instant a guitar is mentioned, who comes to mind

For instance


Stratocaster, Jimi Hendrix

Gretsch country gentleman, George Harrison,


Les Paul

Gibson S G




You get the idea


Lets see where this leads to, and who is associated with specific guitars the instant the guitars are mentioned

I think its cool that the guitars,players that are mentioned are also due to the persons age who is posting the response.

It has to be the instant the guitar is mentioned. If you take time to think, the lists for each guitar could be huge.

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First person I think of, and sometimes more than one (at the same time):


Stratocaster: Jimi Hendrix (and/or, myself...not because of my ability, but

because it was my first "electric" guitar!)


Telecaster: Roy Buchanan or Merle Haggard (equally)

Esquire: Jeff Beck (early Yardbirds days)

Gretsch: Eddie Cochran, Chet Atkins, George Harrison (equally)

Les Paul: Les Paul, himself, of course!

SG: A good friend of mine, who LOVED SG's.

ES-335: Larry Carlton

ES-345: Elvin Bishop

ES-355: B.B. King

Rickenbacker: John Lennon & George Harrison's (double bound 12-string)

Rickenbacker 12-string: Jim ("Roger") McGuinn

Epiphone Casino: John Lennon

Epiphone Riviera: Otis Rush (oddly, with the top of the headstock cut off...LOL)

Epiphone Sheraton: John Lee Hooker

Kramer: Eddie Van Halen

Ibanez: Steve Vai

(That's all, for now...it's late, here!) [biggrin]



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Stratocaster : Eric Clapton; Mark Knopfler; Rory Gallagher; Jimi Hendrix.

Telecaster : Roy Buchannan; Wilco Johnson.

Esquire : Jeff Beck; Bruce Springsteen.

Jazzmaster : Elvis Costello.

Duo Sonic : Patti Smith.

Precision & Jazz : Pretty Much Everyone!.....



Les Paul Custom : Les Paul; Steve Howe; Donny.......lol!

Les Paul Standard: Paul Kossoff; Peter Green; Jimmy Page; Gary Moore. Me.

Les Paul DeLuxe : Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham; Pete Townshend.

Les Paul Recording : Les Paul; Bence......lol again!

SG : Tony Iommi; Frank Zappa; Angus Young.

Explorer : Eric Clapton; Allen Collins.

Flying V : Albert King; Jimi Hendrix.

Firebird : Johnny Winter; Phil Manzanera.

E-125TDC/225TDC : George Thorogood.

ES-175D : Steve Howe.

ES-355 : B.B. King; Freddy King; Chuck Berry.

Byrdland : My mate Roger G. Lewis. Also, oddly enough, Jaco Pastorius..........

EB0 : Jack Bruce.



6 & 12 string : George Harrison & John Lennon; Paul Weller; Roger McGuinn.

4 (& 8!) string : Chris Squire; Lemmy.



Country Gentleman : Chet Atkins.

White Falcon : Neil Young.


That's enough!..........



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Stratocaster: Eric Clapton, SRV, Buddy Guy, and Jimi Hendrix. I might throw **** Dale & Hank Marvin in that list too... All with very unique and different sounds/tone! Clapton's being distinctively the most un-Strat-like!

Gretsch: Brian Setzer, Duane Eddy, Link Wray? (maybe)

Telecaster: Roy Buchanan, Albert Collins

Les Paul: Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, Paul Kossoff, Gary Rossington, Eric Clapton from the "Beano" era that really started it all, and several southern rock guys from a number of bands...

SG: Robbie Krieger, Dickey Betts, (& Duane Allman) Mick Clarke

Rickenbacker: Pete Townsend

Flying-V: Albert King & Lonnie Mack

Gibson ES: Otis Rush, Chuck Berry, Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton, (Crossroads/Cream) Freddie King, BB King, and many many Chicago Blues guys...


Really forum sensors?!?


The guy's name is D I C K Dale... But I can't type a name???


**** Dale



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Tele, SG, Les Paul, 335, Strat: Forest Richard Betts

Esquire: Me

Explorer, even though I only saw him once with it, and he didn't really use it all that much: God

Jazz: Jaco

P: Carl Radle

Ric: Chris Squire



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not nearly as well versed as some here.


I can only think of a handful.



SG - Frank

Les Paul - Neil Young

335- Alvin Lee

Strat- Jeff Beck

Ibanez - Vai

Tele - Waylon Jennings

Stick - Tony Levin

Banjo - Bela Fleck

Beat up old acoustic with extra sound holes - Willie Nelson

Mandolin - My uncle who played in our local symphony orchestra back in the day.

Stand up bass - Trevor B(jamming buddy,, best acoustic jam ever,, stand up bass, 6 sting, 12 string, mandolin. so cool)

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I can't believe no one has yet mentioned Mike Bloomfield as a Les Paul guy.


But you just got in before me!


Bloomfield was THE guy that really turned me on to the Les Paul - not Clapton, Green or any of the others.

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Hmmm lets see...


Les Paul... Charlie Daniels, Kix Brooks, Les (of course), Tom Johnson, Harrison, Mc Cartney, Perry


Strat... Jimi, Jeff, Miller, Clapton, Mayer, Harrison, Guy


Tele... Messina, Buchanon, Ronnie Dunn, Johnny Hyland, Merle, Don Rich, Paige, Harrison


Gretsch...Chet, Harrison, Brian Setzer


Flying "V"... Lonnie Mack


Ricky Bass... Chris Squire


SG... early Santana

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some of mine are odd....but are the people I listen to.....


LP Special.....Thunders


SG = Angus Young


Ric bass.....Geddy or Lemmy


Ibanez Destroyer = Phil Collen (even thought he's a Jackson guy now)


Double Neck = Jimmy Page or Steve Clark


Tele = Keith Richards


Tele = Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum (the ones with the neck humbucker and big pickguard)


Firebird is automatically Johnny Winter.....(and Steve Clark for me.....lol)


Jackson Soloist.....I always think of the Pink one that Jeff Beck played on Tina Turner's stuff.


BC Rich Bich.....always think of the red one Joe Perry had in the pics inside Live Bootleg


LP Goldtop = Mike Ness


Explorer and Flying V = Scorpions


Charvel super strats = Warren Dimartini


........I could do this all day....lol



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also, the three Randy Rhoads guitars are very specific......


Obviously the custom polka dot V is totally unique to Randy,


But, when I see the Jackson V's, in my opinion, there is only one "real" one and that is the white with the black stripes that Randy played.


Of course the cream LP is one of my dream guitars in no small part because of Randy



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I fear I must be showing my age.



Stratocaster : nobody

Telecaster : Roy Buchannan and 8 thousand country pickers I've watched play to the point they're just kinda all mushed together.

Esquire : Say what?

Jazzmaster : Virgil Evans - the guy I played with in a country trio. He could make it sing like a pedal steel or whatever.

Duo Sonic : Say what?

Precision & Jazz : Pretty Much Everyone! Yup, Including me and my wife on Precision at times.



Les Paul ??? : Uhhhhh Les Paul?

SG : Me. Who are the other guys?

Explorer : Uggles on a new design.

Flying V : I try not to think of 'em. Maybe Izzy?

Firebird : ditto the above.

E-125TDC/225TDC : Uhhhhhh.

ES-175D : Anything that sez ES 175, Herb Ellis and Joe Pass, although I had mine before I got into either in terms of music.

ES-355 : Huh? If you're talking any Gibbie thin double cutaway semiarchtop, Chuck Berry and BB.

Byrdland : Nuthin.

EB0 : Huh?



6 & 12 string : Six string, me a long, long time ago. 12-string, McGuinn.

4 (& 8!) string : Huh?



Semi or thin hollow single cutaway : Chet Atkins.

White Falcon : Huh?


Seven-string (doubled, octaved G as on a 12) John Koerner, me, Roger McGuinn

Classical guitar: Segovia, Christopher Parkening.

Flattop: A batch of old friends through the years playin' anything from a D-size Martin to various Gibsons.

Flamenco guitar: Carlos Montoya although nowadays the late picker gets not so much love from the Flamenco set.

Acoustic archtop: Mother Maybelle.


EDIT... Oops... 12-string, Leo Kottke now, but useta be Leadbelly.



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How about

Hofner - McCartney

Ricky - John Paul and GEorge. McGuinn T Petty

SG - Clapton Cream days, Pete Townsend Live at Leeds

LP - Frampton Billy Gibbons, Phil Keaggy

Flying V - Andy powell Michael Schenker

Strat - Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton, Robin Trower

Tele - Country

Gretsch - Brian Setzer

Martin - Neil Young

Vox - Brian Jones

Jazz Bass - Jaco P

Precision bass - James Jamerson

Pedulla bass Mark Eagan

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I'll give it a go:

Les Paul: Les Paul, Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton, Alex Lifeson, Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Joe Bonamassa

ES-175: Steve Howe

Byrdland: Ted Nugent

SG: Tony Iomi, Angus Young, Derek Trucks

Flying V: Michael Schenker

ES-335 or 355: Alex Lifeson, BB King, Chuck Berry

Stratocaster: EVH, SRV, David Gilmore, Jimmy Hendrix, Richie Blackmore, Eric Clapton

Rickenbacker Bass: Geddy Lee, Chris Squire

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I remember Holly playing his Strat on television's Arthur Murray Dance Party - But the type of guitar being played didn't do a thing for me at the time, nor was it enough to kick memories into gear.


You'll catch on to what I mean if you listen again to the "lead guitar" for Peggy Sue. The kids who played guitar in my first rock/jazz band were better technicians than that; it gives rise to a greater understanding why my parents' age group was unimpressed, regardless that the song as a whole was quite nice and one I've played many, many times.



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Well, we've all come a long way, from "Peggy Sue!" Rock & Roll was "just noise,"

to our parents, and grandparent's generation. They grew up on Glen Miller, Tommy

Dorsey, Jazz, and Classical. Still, some of them "came around." I think my Mom

was (almost) as big a "Beatles" fan, as I was. But, she tended to like a lot of

different kinds of music, anyway. Including, all of the above. Dad thought Elvis

was "fun," and kid's reactions to him, funny, etc. But, Mom told me that Frank

Sinatra used to get screaming fans, too! So...??? It is, what it is, and you

either like it, or you don't. Regardless of genre...IMHO.



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