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Guys, I recently purchased an ES-137 from Ebay and was wondering about this space between the lower part of the neck and the body. This is my first "ES" type guitar and I don't know if this is a manufacturing defect or if it is supposed to have that space there. There aren't any other signs of stress or cracks in the finish at all. Guitar plays fine and as far as I can tell, stays in tune. Thanks for any help you can giveDSC01481_zpse7e0d163.jpgDSC01482_zpsa43c91e8.jpgDSC01409_zps31abe3fe.jpgDSC01391_zpsec4541b1.jpg

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As mentioned, most if not all 'archtops' are built this way


The ES137 is an interesting guitar for many reasons...being a semi-acoustic archtop...


Blending aesthetics from the classic ES175 with a solid centre block a la ES335 etc...


Also a whiff of Les Paul via the mahogany block insert and P/U options...490/498(Classic)


Or '57's in the Custom...





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