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Real or Fake?


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So I picked up this guitar yesterday and I was confused by the TRC, I have never seen one that reads 'Gibson' before.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether this guitar is real or not?


A friend tells me for a period in the Korean plant they were still using this plate on the Epiphones, so that gives me a bit of hope but can anyone confirm this?


Also, what would this guitar be worth?


post-63888-072003700 1394069201_thumb.jpg

post-63888-001148800 1394069229_thumb.jpg

post-63888-055457900 1394069270_thumb.jpg

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Hello Gadmir, and welcome here.


I am not an expert, but as far as I can see from the pictures you provided it is real. There were indeed Epiphones made using GIBSON imprinted truss rod covers.


There are experienced forum members who will help you deciphering the serial number I guess. They also might tell you what the guitar could be worth.


Hope my words are a bit of a first aid... [rolleyes]

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^^^ What they said, it's real. I'd like to pay half the new price for a used one, but the Standard is only £245 in the UK at the moment new, and they do fetch a lot more than half that second-hand.

Thanks everyone! :D

Is mine a Custom or a Standard? I thought it was a custom

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