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String gauge for Texan IB64 Texan

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Don't know what the "factory" strings are. Frankly, I'd go with mediums. Unless there are other considerations, I just think you need mediums to make the top of a dreadnaught vibrate enough and move enough air to produce a decent sound, at least unamplified. If you're plugging in, that may be a different story.


For what it is worth, I've always found D'Addario EJ-17s to be a good set of mediums. Very consistent from set to set, and (depending on your skin chemistry) they have a good lifespan.

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Elixir 12's Phos. Bronze on mine. Swapped out the plastic saddle and pins for bone too. BIG difference in quality of tone, volume and sustain. Amazing guitar for the money. Made in i ndonesia. Only had it 2 months. Great plugged in too.

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Mark Brummitt is doing it for me. He's an authorized Martin warranty repairman who lives in my area. Mark is unbelievably good at this stuff. I won't have to second guess the materials he uses or the work at all. He's the same guy who's going to be rebuilding my late 40's Gibson J-50 for me next year.

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