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L00 demo


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Unfortunately, to my ear they both sound a tad on the thin side, even for a smaller body.


But that's the problem with these "sound tests" and the reason I don't usually put much faith in them: Generally you have no idea what microphone is being used, where it's placed, whether it's EQ'd and etc. Add in that most folks will be listening to it on relatively cheap computer or bookshelf speakers and not studio reference quality monitors.


So, IMHO, it's very hard to tell much of anything about a guitar's actual sound by listening to these tests-- too many variables and no way to know the caliber of the mics or recording techniques being used. Nice entertainment and often fun to watch, but I certainly wouldn't buy a higher-level instrument based on the way it sounds under these unknown and/or questionable circumstances.


Thanks for sharing, nonetheless.

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To my ears the 2012 TV has more bottom than the 1934. From the mic position and his playing that is what I hear. The 1934 is brighter. Personally I like the sound of the TV best. With all that said, really neither one has a lot of bottom.

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It could be he is playing behind the sound hole.


While I was in Cakifornia I played my 5 star Loo behind the soundhole

and it sounded very similar to both of these recordings.


From that experience I'm sure these are both great guitars when played






Ya, we need Tony to put them through their paces .... [biggrin]

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