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2011 desertburst nitro finish issue

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Purchased a new 2011 desertburst LPS in December 2012. Sounds awesome. Never gigged. Has been on wall or in case and well cared for. Humidity in our home ranges from 30% on the low end to 60% on the high end in summer.


Question: If you look at the flame maple cap when the light hits it just right, you can see actual "ridges" in the nitro finish. You can also feel these ridges, like a very small subtle "speed bump". Each ridge/speed bump lies directly over top each and every naturally occurring "line/grain" in the maple cap from bottom to top (i.e. stop bar to neck). These ridges in the nitro finish are not "checking", and it appears no where else on the guitar. It's almost as if the nitro has been pushed up and out of the naturally occurring grain in the wood causing a small ridge Any thoughts on this?


I've been unable to take a picture that adequately shows this but am working on it..

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I kind of get the idea that you are describing. This is just on the maple cap? Does it bother you....or do you feel it is distracting? I know that Nitrocellulose lacquer is a very organic, living and breathing type coating and is much preferred over poly for that reason....especially on acoustic guitars! I have seen Nitro'd spruce tops that show a grain variance so I guess it would not be out of the realm for it to be like-wise on a maple top?

Builders use a grain filler on mahogany that gives a smooth appearance of the finish.....maybe not on Maple and Spruce!


I don,t think it would bother me, but I have not seen your guitar.

I don,t know what desertburst looks like either.



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