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bye bye cutaway

Gibson CS

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I have just noticed the Les Paul Standard double cutaway has been


All sites I have visited say its been discontinued.

Geez not another beautiful model gone.

Those guitars were sweet.


Well that's how Gibson does it' date=' right? Now DC's are collectable. Hey, you can always get one off Ebay right? Thank god for Ebay. I bought all three of my LP's, my strat and my Peavy bass off Ebay. Sold two LP's and a ES137, bought [i']and [/i]sold a Flying V, an Explorer, an Erelwine Chaquita.....there's more I'm sure.

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Yeah, it looks like they're dropping the LP Standard DC & the DC Pro in favor of a new DC I've seen on MF. The new one has a AA top (as opposed to the AAA on the others), binding on both body & neck, and 490/498 pickups and sells for $100 more than the other two. I see they've got some DC Pros left. I've got one & would like another one before they're gone.


And yeah, I stay as far away from EBay as possible. Nothing but trouble for me.

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I wouldnt buy a pencil off of e-bay.

Too many things can and do go wrong.

You never had any problems?


I had one issue with a watch I sold to a 1st time Ebay user, but mostly great experiences.


I buy more from Ebay than any other single online retailer. I can always find exactly what I want at the cheapest price around. Sold all kinds of stuff, too. I love it. I just make sure the seller has a little or no negative feedback and if I'm selling I try to be overly descriptive and answer any and all questions.


There's plenty of crooks and cheats out there, but I think most people are honest.

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We can only hope that this insanity is only temporary and the faded's' date=' DC's and firebirds will be back in the line up soon.



I noticed today that Firebirds (studio) are back in the line up. Maybe other 'missing' models aren't far behind?

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