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A Tale of New Epis


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Hello all, I'm a newbie on here and it seems like a very sociable place.


My first Epiphone was a sunburst ET-290 which I acquired in the late 70's. I fitted DiMarzio PAF's and it was my main stage guitar. Anhow that guitar is long gone but about 10 years ago I bought an Epi G-400 Vintage. Nice guitar made by Unsung factory Korea but the SG neck dive issue ruled it out as a keeper unfortunately.


Just after Christmas I was shopping for a 335 style guitar so obviously I had to check out the wonderful Dot. While at the store, I noticed the 339 PRO and I really liked it. Choice of cherry or ebony and I came home with the red one.


I had quite a bit of work to do as the action was high and lowering it caused buzzing. I levelled some frets, lowered the nut slots and set the intonation WOW what a great guitar. So I end up thinking that the latest Epiphones are serious bang for the buck and then I saw Andertons (the store featured in Chappers and the Captain YouTube videos) had knocked down the price of the Epi LP Standard by £50. So I ordered one in Pelham Blue. It arrived quickly it was gorgeous and the neck was perfect, now I am one seriously happy camper.



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Thanks for the warm welcome!


I have been drawn back to the fat humbucker sounds lately, after years of playing Strats and P90 guitars. With these two guitars I can cover everything from jazz/funk to heavy rock.


The Les Paul has quite a chunky C-profile neck and is quite comfy despite my small hands. I'm sure this extra girth contributes to the fat tone. The nut is made of synthetic bone, quite hard. The 339 PRO on the other hand has a nut made from PVC and is fairly soft. The 339 neck is a slim D-section that is also comfortable in the hand.

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