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I'm a big fan of Shure products. It's been my experience over the years that if "Shure" puts their name on it, it will meet or exceed the quality and performance of anything else in it's price range.


Another thing that is important to me is parts, service and technical support. Shure is top-notch and VERY easy to deal with in this regard. I have spoken directly to Shure engineers on various occasions, and can tell you they understand the meaning of "customer service".


Of the 20-something medium grade microphones I own (both for live sound and studio recording), all but one is a Shure product.

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Keep in mind that any one microphone won't be best for all applications. One that sounds good as a vocal mic, may not be able to take the sound pressure of a drum kit or guitar amp. Also, IMO, going from a mic to a USB port takes away all the control you'd like. I like the idea of seeing it on a mixer before it goes into a recorder (even a computer)

$250 for a mic gives you lots of choices. Or buy two less expensive mics.

If I were to walk around with an Macbook and a mic, maybe so, but for home recording, no.

For instance, if you were to do an interview, it would be very awkward, since it is a side address mic.


No problem with Shure, they're still making some of the workhorse mics, SM-58 and SM-57.

I wouldn't put them in the class of Sennheiser or Neumann.

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