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Newbie needing Wilshire pickguard help


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I recently acquired a '66 Wilshire Reissue in worn cherry with a broken neck that I am repairing (will be Inverness Green). It did not come with a pickguard and I am having a heck of a time finding one. I have a tracing of a vintage pickguard but it doesn't fit properly on the reissue. Anyone have or can make a tracing of the reissue pickguard? (Mine is like this one: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Designer/1966-Worn-Wilshire.aspx)


Thanks a bunch. Glad I found this forum because I also have a Firebird Studio I am repairing.

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I'm sure OP got his issue sorted years ago, but for those of us non-guitar players who have a heart for the guitar players in our lives, it can be kinda hard to figure this sort of thing out, and it can get quite frustrating sometimes (trust me, I know, I spent D A Y S researching picks--styles, sizes, materials, grips, gauges, and so on--to find mine the his "perfect pick" (and I succeeded, too, for the record. Not gonna lie I was proud of that one considering I can't even play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on one of those damn things.. Anyway, just in case anyone else ends up here, this company produces all sorts of pickguards...but specifically, they do produce one for the '66 Worn Wilshire reissue in many custom styles. 


For the '66 Worn, you'll need 10 screws, cut for mini hum pu with ring, 4 knobs, jack, & switch....OEM Material is thin parchment/black/parchment, color 158. The basic reproduction will run ya  $40.00 at PGP. 🙂

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