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1996 Epiphone Casino made in Nashville U.S.A.

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I was just browsing the Epiphonewiki site, when I came across the Catalogue section. Looking at the 95 Catalogue I saw an add for a U.S.A. (Nashville) made Epiphone Casino! The add said:- Casino USA "Coming spring 1996". Now what I want to know is did it happen?


Here`s the catalogue page:-




What is interesting, is that the Casino pictured looks just like a mid 90s Korean model, with the 3 screw TRC, and 17th fret neck join, and the shorter trapeze tailpiece.


Does anyone know anything about these, or better still own one?



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Doesn't ring any bells with me. My own Casino is around this age, with the 17th fret body join etc and was made by Fujigen for the Japanese market - perhaps they were planning an 'Assembled in USA' model with Fujigen providing the bodies? Or perhaps they simply used an off the peg Korean guitar for the illustration?

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