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Is there a girl in your cavity?


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Hi all. I'm certain I've read something elsewhere about this, but can't seem to track it down. So tell me - those of you out there who own Heritage Korina V's (1981-), Explorers (1983-) or Modernes (1983-) from the 80's - is there a girl's name written inside the control cavity? I have an A series 1981 V on its way to my door, and I've heard the guys in the factory often got up to mischief writing girls' names on guitars.

So, post 'em if you find 'em. I wanna get a database of serial/models/year and the corresponding girl's name!!

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lucky you :-)

Definitely. My Gibson "girls" bear names like LPNSTDP or the like. [scared] I fear I'd spit in her face trying to call her name when I want to declare my love to her. [crying] On the other hand: If there's no wedding, there won't be a divorcement, therefore I think positive. ;)

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