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either the video is out of sync sometimes, or he's faking it...



Lol,, I thought the exact same thing.


I'm pretty sure the video is outa sync.



If it's not, it's the best air guitar I've seen in a while.


Plus,,, the vid with him doing all the backing tracks is just too convincing.


Beleive me... I've tried to find how he fakes it.

I really don't think he is.


If he is,, I wanna know how,, and would love to hear how you figure he is.

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Video not lining up with audio is not unusual.

(there are technical reasons for this I won't get into assuming most of you know this already)


You can see what he's playing even though it's delayed.


Just like TV where you can see their mouths moving and in your mind relate it to what you're hearing.


Lip read the fretboard, so to speak.

And it works out. I can see it.


I really don't think he's faking anything.


I just think this kid is a ridiculous talent.


Funny how nobody cares.

Maybe cuz he's obviously influenced by Zappa,,, and most people just don't get Zappa.



I think this kid is frickin awesome!!!!

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