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Greetings from Spain! Epi Jack Casady & Rock Bass


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Hi there!


My name is Javier and I'm the proud owner of two Epiphone basses. One of them is a Jack Casady I bought new about a year ago. It works really fine and it has been my main instrument until now. The other one is an impressive Epiphone Rock Bass I found two weeks ago. It had never been used, as it has been abandoned in some warehouse in the Southeast of Spain. Nonetheless, I had to restore some parts by cleaning them or even polishing them, as I had to do with the pickguard. The result was amazing, especially after replacing the strings. It is not so powerful as the Jack Casady, but it really rocks!


I'm very pleased to be here and I was wondering if you could help me found out the origins of my new bass. I have no idea when and where was it built. Its serial number is 70111137. I suppose it is Korean-mad, but I'm not really sure.


Thank you very much in advance and I hope I can learn a lot from you guys!



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welcome, Javier!


congratulations on a great find. the Rock Bass looks like it's fresh from the factory! the JC bass is a fantastic instrument, too. I don't own one but one of my bass brothers does and it always impresses me when I play it.


this website will decode Epiphone serial numbers. http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx


this is what it returns for your serial number:


Your guitar was made in


November c.1970

Production Number: 1137

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I assume that the place where it was built is correct: Korea. But, what about 1970?






Explorer-style headstock 1986-1988 (MINE?)

Batwing headtock 1989-1999



Anyway, I'm really happy with my two little beasts.


I've just received an email from Gibson Europe and it says:


"Buenas tardes,

La configuración del serial podría corresponder a un instrumento fabricado en 1997.



It means, more or less: Your serial number MIGHT MATCH an instrument built in 1997.


Not even they are sure!


I'll carry on my investigations.

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