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Charlie Brown makes a come back


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No, no, no! I hate Peanuts. I always felt like Charlie Brown growing up and I do not need to re-live my childhood. Plus, there is much better stuff if you want to watch something that depressing.



Lol,, that's too funny.


I forgot how depressing Charlie Brown was until I watched it again with my young kids.

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I'm pretty sure Charles M. Schulz would have loved to be able to utilise modern animation programs.


But there is still something to be said for the 1/4 - page (or whatever) drawings.

The 'video' footage runs like a film - which is fine.

But when Chuck needed to tell his story with perhaps only 6 frames' worth of space you can be sure he put all his creative genius into what needed to be shown in the 'boxes' and what could safely be omitted.

Those hand-drawn individual 'snapshots' are (IMHO) the pure undiluted essence of 'Peanuts'.


But if the new stuff raises awareness to his genius then why not? This is the Modern World.



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