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'62 Sheraton Reissue Bridge Replacement


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I am new here and have been searching the forum but am not finding an exact answer…


I am going to change my bridge and I see that there are different sizes out there. I am looking toward the Schaller… Will this one fit for instance?

The intonation stays dead on but the adjuster screws seem to work their way loose and rattle every so often even if I put tension on them after adjusting.

I do my own adjustments usually but I am sending it out to my luthier to have him make me a bone nut, and I think getting a new bridge installed and cut will send this great instrument over the moon!


I do not think I will do anything else - save the nut and bridge, but I would be more than happy to hear your mod/upgrade ideas.


I have had this guitar since last summer now, and I am very, very fond of it. ;~) I love the pickups and this guitar feels great. I have played a couple others like it and I am happy to say that I bought a peach.


Thanks in advance for any insight,


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Just make sure the bridge is for M4 bridge posts/studs or however they´re called in English...

Thanks for the link! I see now that my guitar is 4 mm stud with a 73.82 mm post spacing (74 mm some say)


I use metric Tone Pro bridges on all my Epis and could not be happier!

I was just looking at the TonePros website and I may just do that.



I built a strat shaped guitar some 20 years ago and used mostly Schaller hardware on it.. That turned out to be quite a good instrument that shows no sign of wearing out. It have been played just about every day since I then.

The thing with Schaller is that I'm unable to find the metric version of their Nashville style bridge… If anyone knows a part number it would be greatly appreciated. I see a bridge on the StewMac web site but it is listed for a 14" radius with a M5 course stud so, that does not appear to fit the Sheraton without modification and the radius on the Epi is 12".


Looking I see this as an option: RESOMAX NV1 4 mm Anyone have an experience with them? This appears to be pre-cut which I am not crazy about because if I am going to have my luthier fabricate a nut I just assume have him cut the string spacings…


Thanks again.


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