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I tried a couple Epiphone Les Pauls in the past and didn't like them.. They were pretty but I didn't care for the way they felt.. Besides they were a starter guitar and not the "real thing".


Boy I could never be more wrong !!!.

Last month I came upon a slightly used Epiphone 1960 Tribute Plus and realized exactly how wrong I had been..I am so thankful I picked it up.


I want to apologize to Epiphone and any Epiphone Les Paul owner!.


This guitar is absolutely amazing !.. I played every expensive guitar in 3 stores and this little blue baby had them all beat.. This is the one... the guitar I have been searching for !


This is a "real Les Paul".




I was so crazy about this guitar.. I found her a little sister yesterday to keep her company.. She's a used Epiphone Les Paul Ultra.




I've learned you will be much happier finding your guitar by the way it feels..the way it sounds.. the way it looks.. even by the way it smells.. Don't buy it or judge it just because of the name on the headstock.


I can say truthfully say... I am a proud to be the owner of 2 Epiphone "real" Les Paul guitars ! :)

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You should always buy the guitar that sounds and feels the best to YOU......


Takes a brave/WISE man to walk into a shop ''wanting'' to buy a top end Gibson and coming out with a guitar with (some say) less kudos...


I have all ''brands'' of guitars,yet sometimes only my bullet strat will do the job....the cheapest in my ''arsenal''.

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Welcome, Dave! Enjoy those beautiful guitars! I have long thought that Epiphones are wonderful guitars, and not the step-child of Gibson. Like others here, I own guitars of other makes, including Gibson, and I tend to play my Epi's more than any other!



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Epiphone does, indeed, make some awesome guitars! Maybe better now, than they've ever been?

Certainly, the quality seems to have improved, over the years. Of course, the USA Kalamazoo

era, prior to 1970, was equal to Gibson, in quality, as they were made right along side one

another. The only reason they're still marginalized, as the Asian "step children" anymore,

is because Gibson wants it that way. NOT because of their quality...as you found out, with

your new LP's! Sure, there can always be "improvements," but that's true with Gibson's,

and just about every other guitar manufacturer, as well!


Congratulations, [thumbup] and welcome "home!" [biggrin]



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Welcome Davy, and congrats on your nice buys! [thumbup]


As an owner of several Gibson Les Paul guitars I confirm that adding an Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus to my arsenal has been a nice move. I went with a Faded Cherry Sunburst one. She is a very fine instrument close to her Gibson sisters. I was smitten when checking out several of these at a dealer. They also appear to be rather consistent, perhaps due to their back veneered multipiece bodies, evening out the individual behaviour of each plank. Finally, the Gibson pickups contribute nicely to the overall tone.


There also is nothing I would want to change, so I left everything stock. The Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus simply is a nice player.

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I got to thinking... that doggone blue LP looks like the one my "baby" brother (he's quite a bit younger than I am) picked up a cupla years ago.


He's been playing for over 20 years and said the Epi was the best guitar he'd ever played. He coulda gotten a Gibson too, if he'd wanted.


Me, I don't care for the LP. Never owned one although I've played "at" probably a cupla hundred.


But as has been said, what's important is how a picker and a guitar match up. As far as playing quality, I think today's Epiphones compete well with anything I saw of any brand in the 60s and 70s for overall quality outa the box. Then again, I've only got six of 'em, four flattops and two Dots.



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