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Help for Les Paul Studio in worn cherry finish


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Just wondering if anyone can help. Have just purchased a studio here in uk in worn cherry finish. The finish does not appear to have any sealent on it at all just bare would hence what would be the best way to care for and protect the body?





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Bob -


From my understanding of finish work, the first step in finishing a guitar is to apply a sealer to the bare wood, even before applying pore filler. The Gibson faded finishes do have a top coat sprayed on over the stain, which is then scrubbed up.


I don't think its bare appearance implies any kind of delicacy to the finish.

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I am just thinking about getting this finish on a studio, really because of the money I will save as it is much cheaper. Although I really lie the wine red but wondering if the price is worth it?


The worn finish does concern me to be honset, so I would like to know what care you have to give it like cleaners polish or oil or anything ? and the question will the finish hold up for long ?



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i have a faded SG, I've had it for 2 years now. I does show some wear in a couple areas mainly where the bottom corner sits between my abdomen and thigh. This is not a bad thing in my eyes. Its still a great guitar and sounds better today than the day I bought it.


The lighter finish is more prone to accidentaly knicks and dings though.


Bottom line if you want something shiny and pretty save and buy a regular studio, then put another $250 into swapping those ceramics for the Burstbuckers.


if you want something that sounds great plays great and wont break your bank account, buy the faded and play it. If it wears in areas. Great...they're your wear marks, be proud to be a player and not a looker.

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