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So if I were to enter a contest...

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Hi, all


Here in Asheville, there's a bi-annual music festival that just announced a first-ever singer/songwriter competition, and I've decided to enter a couple of songs.

I haven't time to re-record anything, so I've narrowed my choices down to tracks I have on hand that are in decent enough shape. (They're what they are, but I can't win if I don't enter right?) If any of you lovelies have some spare time, maybe you could help whittle down my options?

Here are four "finalists;" if you can listen to each, then vote for 2 in the handy dandy poll, I might get a better idea of what I've got.




This One's For Me




Preacher Man


(I hope I've not overstepped any bounds here, but I am looking for some extra ears. Frankly, I'm all listened-out at the moment, so any help is much appreciated.)







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Lordy Anne, they're all pretty good. Who are the judges? Pick the one you are most comfortable playing. Last contest I was in I was player #89.... out of I think 110. The pile of guitar cases was enormous.It was a long long night, and I'm sure the judges had their top three before I even took the stage. I don't drink, but I had three and a half hours or so worth of coffee caffeine racing thru my blood. Good luck. Sign in as early as you can. Some 22 year old blonde chick won here... I was not all that impressed, but it was a catchy hook and pop like song, mine was about divorce. I just don't do peppy or happy, ever, I guess. Of your song choices given, I cannot pick. The judges at my contest were all top 40 recording types, some big names, but no one I would ever cover, know what I mean? Bunch of knuckleheads.... :rolleyes:

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I would say keep it short and sweet, verse one, a chorus, verse two, repeat chorus. Leave 'em wanting more.

Don't bore the judges, there will be a hundred dreary " I been done wrong songs".


I would double the rhythm speed of Gravity, something along the line of John Hartford's "Gentle On My Mind".


Sing your Preacher song with a lot of passion and anger. Kick some butt. Listen to Mick doing " I Can't Get No Satisfaction"


Good luck Anne, win or loose, you're a fine singer song writer.

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Great job! I wanted to vote for all 4.


Sounds like open tuning for Preacher Man? Great sound and feel for that song. Also really Liked Gravity and This one's for me. Also like the first one. Tough choice.

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I gotta say that Gravity speaks to me the most. I can feel the emotion it conveys more than the others. Its not that the other songs aren't good - they are - this one just had a quality to it that I liked. It kind of put me in mind of "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt in its vulnerability.

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Thanks alot, all- for the listens and encouragement.


I found out I can enter 3 songs, so it's gonna be This One's For Me, Preacher Man and Gravity. (For you Gravity fans, I just posted an updated recording, reflecting the way I've been playing it out live- I believe you can get to it via the original link- the new version file name is Gravity2.)


Again- I really appreciate the assist!




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