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Gibson Custom virtual design??


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Guest Farnsbarns

Is there anywhere on the Net that I can design a custom Gibson guitar or bass and generate a quote?? I don't want to fill out paperwork or order anything, I just want to be able to see if I can afford to indulge some of my ideas.


Unfortunately, no. And Gibson weren't accepting custom orders when I last checked. In order to get a quote for a custom guitar you would have to go to a gibson custom shop dealer, that's if Gibson are taking such orders again.

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I brought this up a few years ago. I hate how Gibson doesn't really listen to us. I would be okay with a virtual design that didn't feature a Les Paul (since that's the flagship model) but SGs, Vs, ES and Firebirds would be awesome. It'd be awesome if it worked like Fender's online design thing.

Custom options and good prices would put Gibson in the money.




Gibson! Make it happen!

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