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Gibson SG VOS Owners, is it worth it?


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I've been dying to try one, but my local GC's don't have any, so I can't demo them.


Bottom line is, if you can hear, feel, and see a big difference? I'd like to know. Is the $2k price difference justified with the vintage correct specs, and custombucker pickups?


Also if it is a better choice than buying an early 70's era SG which can be had for the same price range.

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Only YOU can determine if it's "worth the substantial extra cost" of a CS model.

So, play several, of both VOS and Gibson USA Standards, and see.


My dealer had a VOS SG w/lyre Maestro, that looked Great. But, when I picked it

up, to play it, it was a "brick" tone wise (unplugged), and only "OK" plugged in.

Whereas the Gibson USA "Original" I ended up buying, was very resonant "unplugged!"

And (to Me), is had a nicer tone, and sustain, plugged in, as well.


But, that was only ONE VOS SG (the only one they had in stock, at the time)...they

vary, just like any other model. So, your experiences may vary.


Good Luck, and I hope you find an exceptional version, CS VOS, or not!



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I have four SGs. A Classic, a Junior (the regular production one from a few years ago, not the Custom Shop), a Standard with P90s and a '61 Les Paul Custom reissue with a Maestro. You can certainly feel the difference even with your eyes closed. It's hard to say as far as sound because my other three all have P90s, but it's a notch above my Les Paul and that's really saying something.


Having said all that, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the extra money. I got mine in a trade for an amp that I had about $2300 into. Would I have paid $3500 plus for it? Probably not, but only because I don't have that kind of cash to throw around on one guitar.

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