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I'm going on 3 months with mine. I've done up grades to all bone pins,nut,saddle and use medium strings and the J15 is about everything I want. It is loud when I play aggressive has a big bass and high dollar trebles . I'm not sure what other Gibson it sounds like but Ito me it's not what anyone would think an entry level Gibson sounds like. I have played a variety of Martins in my almost 60 years and the J15 just feels good to play it fits me and has a great sound.

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Hey Cibby,

I believe we got our J-15's about the same time. I have three Gibson acoustics, I love this one almost as much as my J-200. I am also very impressed with the quality of this guitar. It does look better than what the pictures show.

I said it before on this forum, this is one very nice guitar. The feel, playability AND the tone are outstanding. This is a great addition to my small collection.

To the OP, not sure which Gibson it sounds the most like, but I thought I noticed some of the J-200 in it. It sounds really well balanced. It does strumming, finger picking and flat picking really well. Sounds pretty good to me with a capo, at least to the 5th fret.

I love all my Gibsons and feel like I have some nice ones.

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