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What kind of Les Paul is this?

Mike J

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I'm not 100% positive, but around the time Zeppelin did the O2 reunion, there were a number of interviews (online & print) with Jimmy Page discussing a Bigsby'd Les Paul Custom he used back in his session days (early 60's). If memory serves, the guitar was stolen sometime in 1970.


The Custom Shop built a replica for him sometime in mid to late '08 and a limited number were released to the public the following year.


The uploader of the video you posted (Jun626) is an incredible guitarist who has invested a significant sum of money acquiring some very high-end Gibson & Fender Custom Shop guitars. He's done quite a bit of online work with Vitual Beatles, Virtual Zeppelin and a number of other cover/tribute bands (of course using the Custom Shop versions of the guitars used on the original recordings). Helluva player. If you haven't already checked out some of the other videos posted on his channel, you really should.


OTOH, it could just be a "Black Beauty" reissue with a Bigsby, but based on other gear I've seen the guy using, I'd bet it was this:

Jimmy Page Platinum Collection

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