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S-1 info requested

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I realise this topic is a little useless without pictures but the guitar is in storage and I won't see it for about a week.


Around 1992, my wife bought a used S-1 for $300 (with generic hard case and a 15w Crate practice amp)... I wasn't familiar with the style so I did a little research on the internet and found that it was available from around the mid 70s to 79. The odd thing is that every picture I found shows the (rosewood) neck with dot inlays and the one we have has rectangular pearl inlays.


Another oddity is that on the back of the headstock, the word "SECOND" is stamped above a serial number and "Made in USA"


I only knew it to be an S-1 because the truss cover says so.


Does anyone know if these were ever produced with rectangular inlays? There is a little blemish where the varnish is not uniform along the side of the neck and has run into the white edging so I was assuming it was a factory second because of that.


I thought it was a little odd that someone would put a non-S1 neck on an S-1 but anything is possible I guess.


Does anyone know whether it's likely that it's the original neck? The shape matches the pictures I've seen.

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Thats a Neat Little Gibson... Enjoy it...


back in the 70s 80s Gibson sold there blemished guitars,,and those were stamped 2nds. but I have seen late 60s ones as well with the 2 stamp.



thats one guitar I have not owned,, so I wouldnt even know how they sound or play...

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Hey Oliver! A very strange model. I had to look it up in my various reference books to verify it. Yes, it is original Gibson model, produced from 1976-1980. "Dark Years" for Gibson. Most unusual is the 'bolt-on' neck. Not particularly 'valuable'..($600 or so) in exc.cond. and FAR less 'collectible'...unless into Gibson 'oddities'. Not sure which year that yours is but the book mentions a rewiring in 1978 to allow the bridge pickup only and from'78 also has black pickup covers.It appears that yours is a '78-'80 model.


Very cool looking axe, in my opinion. I would hang on to it for "cool-oddity' factor. The description says "very Marauder-like"


Description also reads "maple fingerboard(some early with rosewood), dot inlay....Yours is different....not sure!





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