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As much as I would like to say John Lennon I have never been crazy about his solo stuff. I'd have to say Hendrix.


This is at the solo performance level, if the question was who would you like to meet in person it'd be Lennon hands down.

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Great question

I'd love to see John & all the beatles doing there whole career of music. Their songs are the memories of my life.

Jimi Hendrix for changing the whole realm of guitar playing.

QUEEN with Freddie when they all had long hair & were a real rock band. Saw them many times, one night they plaeyd 2 shows in one night in cleveland.

Elvis like in His Vegas concert.

And since that BONZO has been gone so long LED ZEPPLIN......

THe original version of the WHO

I live in a very special time period of rock and roll.......

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You have seen him right? I got the pleasure 3 times in '84.



Yes Sir I have. Twice. 81 and 85.


And even still,, of all the dead guys,,, I would pick him to see him again.


And it's not just him you get to see,, it's the musicians who he hired.

Every one of them is top notch.


And it doesn't hurt that I love his music.

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Gotta be Beethoven.


Yes, he performed until his hearing started to go and yes, that affected his performances.


So... before that effect hit him.


I think we tend to forget that the "classical" guys were the rock stars of their age and brought as much emotion as the folks nowadays - although usually expressed quite differently and with generally more "class," if not restraint.



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