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Need Advice On Removing & Replacing Pots


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I don't know if it's just me but I'm having a hell of a time getting pots & wiring etc out of an ES335. Over the years I've built and worked on a lot of guitars however this is the first semi-hollow body I've had to repair. I don't want to get a rep as a heavy handed tech.


I have blue tape around the edges of the F Hole but I'm really balking at removing even the first pot as it seems to be bigger than the hole. I know that they were put in without doing any damage.


Should I line the shaft of the pot up with the direction of the F Hole or try it at 90 degrees to the hole ?

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all you can do is lift the bridge pickup and see...


Yep you're right that's were it all comes out of. Thanks so much for the lead.


I've fished out all the harness and was glad I got good advice. I can't see why the guys that put up Youtube clips all attack this job from the F-Hole. It's a pain just getting it out of the hole under the bridge let alone pushing and pulling it thru the FHole.


The original Gibson harness is very robust, almost designed for being jerked around. It makes the wiring in replicas/aftermarket harness look like fairy hair.

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