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Tube Reverb/Effects Loop Buffer


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I just finished building this tube reverb unit (a Fender 6G15 type) with a tube powered effects loop buffer (a Dumbleator clone called a C-Lator.) It's a nice unit if reverb is the only effect that you're using in your effects loop.


The tube reverb units work well through effects loops but sometimes they're not exactly transparent, volume-wise. The Dumbleator allows you to adjust all the signal levels between the reverb unit and the amp. It's tube powered. The Dumbleator is like MSG for tube amps. It allows you to flavor the tone just before the power stage of the amp.


The cabling between the reverb unit and the Dumbleator has been relocated to the inside of the cabinet. You just connect the Dumbleator to your amp's effects loop jacks and you're good to go.






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