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2014 SGJ


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Had to do it. The lure was too much.

Should be here in a couple weeks.

Gibson days got the best of me.


Have played SG's but have never owned one.

Always wanted one and thought this was an affordable way of getting one.


I have seen a couple pop up on here. Any new ones?


Please feel free to comment and/or post pics of yours. Would love to see them.

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I was really tempted when they were $499 but I already have an SG 24 50th anniversary. I ended up buying the Epiphone ES335.


I did try the SGJ at GC (did not plug it in) and it was a nice guitar, I like the neck profile much better than my own SG.

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I bought a LPJ right after Christmas and was so impressed with it that went back to the store to try the SGJ.

Great value and it was setup perfect.

IT`s now my main player

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine



Awesome... do you have any pics? What color did you get?

Please feel free to post pics :)

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