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What are your favorite songs to play on ur sg


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My son and I went in early for our lessons and had some time to goof around in the shop some....looking at new gear. We are both thinking about adding a pair of acoustic guitars and wanted to test drive a few. Nothing grabbed me but I had time to mill around the store while he played.



I found the book I've been looking for.


Ah yeah......I'm happy now!







Going to get started on some of these this weekend.


My SG should arrive any day....will be cool to have some proper tunes to play on it from the very start.

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Some of mine are... Crossroads, long way to the top, lights( I know it's a les Paul song) highway star, and can't get enough


Actually, "Crossroads" Live (on Wheels of Fire) WAS recorded with "the Fool" SG, that Clapton had, at the time.

He's also been seen playing that song (during the Farewell performance at London's "Royal Albert Hall," November '68)

on his ES-335. Either way, through a 100 watt Plexi-Marshall Stack, they both sounded Awesome!


SG's are great, for nealy any type song, with some tweaking! But, personally, I love them for songs that I

like to play a lot, in the upper registers! You just can't beat them, for that...IMHO! [biggrin]



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Another Brick in the Wall 'Pink Floyd'

Ear ache my eye 'Cheech & Chong'

Snakeskin Cowboy or Cat Scratch Fever 'Ted Nugent'

God Save the Queen 'Sex Pistols'

Whole Lotta Love or Rock & Roll 'Led Zeppelin'

Hey Hey My My 'Neil Young'

Breaking the Law 'Judas Priest'

Born to be Wild 'Steppenwolf'

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