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anybody else keeping their eyes peeled for the new Casino Coupe?


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I am .... When will they be out for sale .



When I googled this and dug around quite a bit, I got the impression that the guitar should be in full production by June, so sometime between now and 6 weeks from now- hopefully. I guess it will be available in Europe and Canada first, else all those online guitar stores would not have it available for pre-order. I called zzounds about it and it's not even in their database yet and they have no idea about the guitar at all.

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That's going to be tempting.


Anyone got any info on how much they weigh and/or how much they'll cost?


Based on my Casinos both weighing in @ ~5 lbs 14 oz, I'm thinking the coupe can be sub- 5 lbs, not sure about the price though.


I don't need one. I'm happy with this:





It's one of my favorite guitars, here's one of mine, which I am very happy with. I'm looking forward to comparing the coupe to them.


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Thanks Scott, if these are about 5lb and $500 then a cherry one might well be comming my way later in the year. [thumbup]

I hear back from the person that helps me at sweetwater:


Dylan Driscoll dylan_driscoll@sweetwater.com



to me

I heard back from my Merchandising folks. The guitar will be $449, and is estimated to begin shipping in June. I have your preorder put in place, you're first in line. Thanks!

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