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Have you heard the new album?


Neil Young - Live At The Cellar Door


And I use the term "new album" loosely. It's a live recording from 1970.

And as a hard core Neil fan,, I have never heard any of these versions before.

Cinnamon girl on the piano??? Are you freakin kidding me???



For me, Neil is one of those musicians who can actually move me emotionally and literally bring water to my eye.

(not many do that for me)


So when my wife brought me this new album home tonight,,, I played it as I was making supper.

And damn!!!! It's amazing.


I gotta say,, if any of you are hard core Neil fan as I am,, you are gonna love this album.


I love a new Neil album,, but this isn't new.

It's a bonafide instant classic.


Damn!!! Neil is sooooo good.

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I just finished his autobiography.

He's all over the place with his plans.


He's all over the place with his prose too! I enjoyed the book, but it read like a burned out weekend for sure. I'll have to check out the Cellar Door recording. Sounds like something I'd like.

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The Cellar Door in Georgetown. [thumbup]


I was a little young to have been in the bar, (especially in 1970 when Niel's album was recorded) but I remember all the local shows in the 1980s were brought to you by Cellar Door Productions. I remember the other places they owned, The Bayou, and Crazy Horse, very well. Great music venues.

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